granny goose designs


Ugh!, this is an issue that is beaten about so much.  This page is here to help you to understand what YOUR rights are and what MY rights are when you purchase or get my designs free.  It is the same thing.    First off whether you buy or get free the design is still mine. You have been given the right when  purchased  or downloaded free to USE that design for: personal use to make gifts and crafts that you sell or give away. You can change the colors and sew it a million times. But be nice and don't change it or merge with someone else's and then say it is yours. Now if you are a big name dealer that wants to make boo coos of things with my designs on them, then LET'S TALK!. I am agreeable. My designs are not meant for commercial products but the home sewer. But I will go along if you can be fair to me on the deal.  When I send you a file (and it is corrupt or you have a problem) I DO NOT DO REFUNDS. I will correct the file or send a replacement. Anyone who knows me knows that I am easy to get along with.  I fully support the efforts of those that fight the sharing groups who blatantly take the hard work of others and give it away or sell it for their profit. You will have a mad wet goose on your neck if you mess with me that way. This industry is a wonderful one full of wonderful people and I hate to see what the Devil has tried to do to it. Please be part of the solution and not part of the problem. We can get along.  HAVE YOU BEEN HUGGED BY A GOOSE TODAY?